AMAG Launches NEW Symmetry M4000 Training and Certification Program

AMAG is committed to providing the best training to our customers, and we are continuously updating and improving our online and classroom offerings. We are proud to announce our newest offering, the Symmetry M4000 Training Program and how you can become a certified technician.


Full Program Offering


Symmetry M4000 Introductory course

This is a free, on-line, two-hour training course designed to provide basic information regarding the M4000’s technology, architecture and concepts. This course will provide an overview of how the M4000 connects to the Symmetry Access Control System and requirements needed to successfully connect and deploy the door controller.


Symmetry Door Controller Hardware Basics course

This online, two-hour course is to familiarize the technician/engineer with all Symmetry Door Controller hardware (M4000, M2150 & EN-Series). It will review the IP addressing, hardware addressing, basic wiring and port settings. This course provides the basic requirements needed to connect the hardware to the Symmetry Access Control System. Students must be enrolled into Symmetry Essentials to take the course, and it is required to become M4000 certified.

Symmetry m4000 New Training Courses


Symmetry M4000 Programming course

This free, online, two-hour course provides basic information to program the M4000 through the web-interface to configure the door controller hardware, backing up and uploading the XML script files as required to deploy the M4000 door controllers and the associated readers and I/O devices. Students must complete the Symmetry Door Controllers Hardware Basics and M4000 Introductory courses before taking. This course is required to become M4000 certified.


Symmetry  M4000 Fundamentals course

This one-day instructor-led course provides hands-on M4000 hardware training including wiring, programming and troubleshooting and is offered prior to a Symmetry Essentials course. Students must have completed the Symmetry Door Controllers Hardware Basics course and be registered for a Symmetry Essentials course. This course is required to become M4000 certified.  AMAG course charges apply.


Symmetry M4000 Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

This two-hour instructor-led webinar provides hands-on support for the Symmetry M4000, along with a question and answer session related to the installation and service of the Symmetry M4000. Students must be certified on the M4000 to request this on-demand course. It is free of charge.


How can you become certified?

Installers can receive a Symmetry M4000 Hardware Certification when they complete the following courses: 


Symmetry Door Controllers Hardware Basics Course (online)
Symmetry M4000 Programming Course (online)
Symmetry M4000 Fundamentals Course (Instructor-led)


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