Card Readers: Every Need Met

Trust Who’s Walking Through Your Building

AMAG Technology™ provides a wide selection of multi-technology card reader solutions to meet any need. Increase the safety of your organization with mobile, smartcard or government compliant readers.

Transition to the Future with Symmetry Blue

Everywhere you go, you see a mobile device in someone’s hand.

Cards are often forgotten, lost or borrowed, where a phone is rarely more than five feet away from its owner. Symmetry Blue can help your organization make the leap into tomorrow.

Mobile App

The Symmetry™ Blue Bluetooth reader range and mobile application provides secure access control using a mobile device.


Designed to work across the complete Symmetry product range, Symmetry Blue readers work with Android and iOS to deliver a convenient and intuitive alternative to open doors.

Transition Reader

Users can use their mobile device, a card or both with the reader range.

Download and Go

The free app provides a quick and easy bridge to immediately start using the mobile device. Simply download and you are set to go! Bluetooth credentials are free of charge.

Symmetry Bluetooth Reader Line

Smart Card Reader Line

Proximity Reader Line

GSA APL Listed Readers

Used in a FICAM Compliant Solution

Veridt Stealth Series Readers

A trusted FICAM compliant PACS reader for federal government installations.

GSA APL # 10031, 10032, 10033, 10034, 10035, 10092, 10093, 10094, 10095, 10096


HID pivCLASS Series Readers

Providing the highest level of secure access to meet FIPS-201 criteria and used with pivCLASS Authentication Module (PAM) to provide strong authentication.

GSA APL # 10004, 10005, 10006, 10007, 10008,10026, 10052, 10085


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