Data Center Solutions

Paving the Path for Future-Ready Data Center Security

Unified physical security solutions from AMAG Technology™ assist data centers in managing the digital demands of expanding customer needs and swiftly changing compliance requirements, ensuring a secure foundation in today’s digital-first environment.


Unveiling a New Era of Multi-Layered Security

Vigilant, Uninterrupted Protection for Your Data

Symmetry™ orchestrates a seamless blend of physical and digital security, ensuring your data center is a fortress of safety, with 24/7 monitoring, multi-faceted security checkpoints, and advanced access control technologies, safeguarding every byte of data from both tangible and virtual threats. It's like having a security guard for every bit of your data.


Unified Solutions for Security and Operations

Symmetry, your guide in the expansive landscape of security and operational challenges, provides a single-source solution that secures diverse facilities, technologies, assets, and personnel. From one dashboard, your security team can monitor, assess, and control access to any facility, room, or zone, ensuring a secure and efficient operational environment.

Open Platform: Future Scalability, Assured

Symmetry’s open platform ensures that your security solutions can be tailored to work with devices from any manufacturer and unite them under one easy-to-manage umbrella. Regardless of the number of installations you need, Symmetry is designed to make installation, expansion, and upgrades seamless, ensuring your security solutions are always future-ready. Empowering you to succeed, we ensure your security doesn’t hit any firewalls on its journey.


Compliance-First Principles: Steer Clear of Regulatory Hurdles

Move confidently through the maze of evolving compliance requirements with Symmetry’s “compliance-first” principles. From PCI DSS for credit card processing to meeting all U.S. federal guidelines and policies, Symmetry helps you manage regulatory demands and customer expectations, ensuring a secure and compliant journey through the digital world.

Powerful Features: Your Security Toolkit

One Platform for All Functions:

Manage video, access control, visitor credentialing, and more from one customizable dashboard.

An Affordable Option:

Symmetry’s open architecture can be tailored or retrofitted to work with various technologies, ensuring an affordable and efficient security solution.

Data Tracking and Analysis:

Enhance threat analysis and security planning with Symmetry’s data capabilities.

Robust and Expandable:

Easily upgrade and accommodate a mix of devices and technologies, ensuring your security is always future-ready.

Featured Integrations and Partners

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Discover how Symmetry and its technology partners can help your data center secure a peaceful digital journey for everyone involved. Click here or contact us to explore how our expertise can enhance your offerings, ensuring your data center is not just a storage space but a fortress of digital tranquility.

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