Symmetry Audio: Intelligent Communications

Hear, Be Heard, and Be Understood, Anytime and Anywhere with Audio by Zenitel

Crystal clear audio communication in any environment provides another layer of safety and security that a silent security system cannot. When you add audio and voice information to a situation, you can determine what someone is trying to verbally communicate.


Voice Clarity Improves Every Security Situation

The audio solution integrates with Symmetry™ Access Control along with other access and video platforms outside of the Symmetry solution to provide reliable communication between the different systems, making it easier for your security team to work more efficiently when faced with critical events.

Turbine Compact Intercom Video Station

TCIV+ is a video intercom solution that combines unrivaled HD audio and video. Mitigate security risks faster than ever before through a unique combination of exceptional video, voice and powerful audio amplification for announcements. The TCIV+ is designed to withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature, vandalism, noisy, dirty, and dusty environments. Empower your security team with the proven power of Turbine, so they can act in real-time and with clear communication.

Symmetry Audio

Solutions Suited to
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IC-EDGE offers seamless integration with Symmetry Access Control by adopting open standards and out-of-the-box connectivity and cloud connectivity. By embedding server capabilities in IC-EDGE, configuring and maintaining the system is a lot easier. Communication needs can change and grow over time. IC-EDGE is highly scalable, robustly able to meet both your current and future needs.


The ICX-AlphaCom Intelligent Communication Platform easily integrates with Symmetry Access Control, as well as an organization’s building management system, providing a powerful voice and audio tool to maintain building security. ICX-AlphaCom offers integrated intelligent communication management, built-in cybersecurity, scalability and interoperability.

Symmetry Audio Highlights

Adds information to determine communication

Helps prevent harmful

Ensures you know what someone really means


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