Company badge with Google Wallet

Your company badge is now available on Android devices


Your phone is your company badge

Get fast, hassle-free access to your company badge

Google Wallet is a secure and private digital wallet on Android that gives you quick access to your company badge. Keep your company badge securely on your phone with Google Wallet.

Never forget your company badge

Use your phone to access buildings

After you add your corporate badge to Google Wallet, you can access your corporate buildings all with your phone.

No need to unlock your phone to open a door

 Hold it to a card reader until you see a blue checkmark on your screen

Company badge in Google Wallet

Your phone is your company badge with Google Wallet

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google Pixel showcasing how easy Symmetry Wallet works with Google.

Simple and fast

Adding your company badge is easy

Tap on your email link, activate it, authenticate, and add the Pass. That's it!

Why Google Wallet?

Ditch the lanyard. Access your company badge on your phone and never forget your ID with Google Wallet

Set up is quick and easy

Using the AMAG Symmetry Wallet Platform, the security team can assign a Wallet company badge. The user will receive an email with a link to securely authenticate their identity and add the badge to their Google Wallet without downloading another mobile app and they are ready to go.

Seamless user experience

No need to unlock your Android device to use your company badge in Google Wallet.

Simple Management

Easily create, deploy and revoke badges across your organization to use with Symmetry Access Control, saving the security team time and resources.

Safe and Secure

Google Wallet keeps your company badge secure using the security features built into the Android device. Provides protection mechanisms to prevent cloning or sharing of credentials, uses cryptography to secure authentication, encrypt communication, and prevent sniffing, relay attacks, and other forms of manipulation.

Symmetry Wallet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. AMAG Technology provides the complete company badge in the Google Wallet issuance solution including Symmetry Wallet Platform, Identity Management with Symmetry CONNECT and Access Control with Symmetry Access Control, panel hardware and Symmetry Blue readers ensuring a secure solution from a vendor you trust.

Yes. The Symmetry Blue readers were built with NFC technology that enables access credentials in Google Wallet. A simple firmware update and you're good to go.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless communication technology that enables the exchange of data between devices over close proximity. NFC mobile credentials are characterized by dynamic encryption, rendering them one of the most secure methods for gaining access to buildings.

Google Wallet is a trademark of Google LLC

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