Symmetry GUEST Visitor Management

Streamline and Automate Visitor Check-In

Visitors pose the biggest risk to an organization. Managing identities from check-in to departure improving the visitor experience.

No More Logbooks

Get on the Audit Trail

Eliminate inaccurate paper logbooks and implement a visitor audit trail to track visitors and meet compliance.

Improve the Visitor Experience

Make Your Visitor Feel Welcome

Send an email prior to their visit to put them at ease. After the employee pre-registers the visitor, they receive a welcome email that can include travel or arrival instructions, a map, parking or other pertinent information.


QR or Barcode

QR or Barcode

Check into Symmetry GUEST using a QR or barcode that was sent to the visitor’s smartphone.

Greet Your Visitor

Greet Your Visitor

The host employee is notified by email or text when their visitor arrives and can greet them.

Great First Impression

Great First Impression

Streamlining the process means less wait time and happier visitors.

Improve Business Operations

Symmetry™ GUEST automates all processes associated with the lifecycle of a visitor, streamlining the journey through the reception area, enforcing compliance and reducing operating costs.


Pre-registration of visitors helps with resource and logistical planning, important on days with a large influx of visitors.


Dashboards show visitor activity by the hour, and reports provide data on all visitor activity in the visitor management program.

Enforce Company Policies

Organizations can enforce company procedures by having visitors acknowledge and sign corporate policies or non-disclosure agreements before they can check-in for their visit. Any visitor found on the internal watch-list is refused entrance to the building, creating a safer environment.

Symmetry GUEST Kiosk

Streamline Your Lobby with a Kiosk

Choose from black or white and three designs to create a friendly lobby for your visitors.


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