Transportation Security Solutions

Tailoring Security to the Pulse of Transportation

Symmetry™: Your Co-Pilot in Steering Through Security Complexities

Symmetry solutions empower you to steer through the intricate web of transportation and logistics security. Regardless of the depth or complexity of your security needs, Symmetry ensures a smooth journey through every situation, striking the ideal balance between operational efficiency and robust security.


Future-Ready Security That Adapts with You

Symmetry’s open architecture ensures your security solution is not just robust but also adaptable. Tailored to meet your current needs and scalable to adapt to future requirements, Symmetry ensures your security evolves with your transportation hub ensuring smooth and affordable upgrades and expansions, even in the most dynamic environments.

A World of Security Solutions Under One Roof

Symmetry Homeland Security Edition (HSE): Ensuring compliance with TWIC federal standards and MARSEC integration.

High-Level PIV Validation:

Integration with the federal government’s highest-level PIV (Personal Identity Verification) validation engines, offering multifactor authentication and digital certificates.

Instant Lockdown:

Area or facility-wide lockdown capabilities for immediate response.

Identity Management and Access Control:

Offering contact, contactless, and mobile solutions.

Data Analysis:

Enhancing and refining threat analysis, risk-level management, and other security planning.

Robust Visitor Access Management:

Ensuring secure and efficient visitor access control.

Easy Upgrades & Expansion:

Adapting to evolving needs with scalable solutions.

User-Friendly Interfaces:

Customizable and intuitive dashboards and interfaces.

Featured Integrations and Partners

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Discover how Symmetry and other AMAG Technology solutions can elevate the security of your transportation hub, ensuring peace of mind and compliance for everyone involved. Empowering you to succeed, we ensure your journey through security management is always on the right track.

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