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Navigating the Future of Financial Security with AMAG

AMAG Technology™ is your steadfast partner in the dynamic world of banking and financial services, providing a unified, single-source, and customizable solution that secures your present and future. And remember, in the world of finance, we understand that security isn’t just about protecting assets—it’s about investing in a future free from worry. So let’s bank on a secure future together, empowering you to succeed every step of the way.


Your Vault of Physical and Cyber Security

A Comprehensive, Future-Ready Package

In the intricate web of departments and sensitive data, AMAG Technology’s Symmetry™ stands as your vault of security, offering a robust, user-friendly, and manageable solution that safeguards assets and personnel while bolstering operational compliance. Because when it comes to security, we’re not just protecting data—we’re ensuring your peace of mind is accruing interest daily.


Synchronize Security and Simplify Operations

Symmetry, your ally in the myriad of security challenges, empowers you to safeguard diverse facilities, technologies, and activities, while simultaneously simplifying and streamlining security procedures. It’s like having a financial advisor for your security needs, always ensuring your assets are managed with utmost precision and care.

Symmetry’s Adaptive Open Platform

Integrating a plethora of technologies under one roof, Symmetry’s open platform synchronizes your security apparatus, ensuring compatibility with existing hardware and infrastructure. It’s like having a universal financial platform where every currency is accepted, making your security management not only efficient but also economically astute.

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Scalable to Fit Your Needs

Symmetry isn’t just a solution – it’s your security partner. Regardless of the scale, features, or locations you need to integrate, Symmetry ensures that installation, expansion, and upgrades are seamless. Just like a good investment, we adapt and grow with you, ensuring your security evolves alongside your institution.

Potent Features

One Platform for All Functions:

Video management, access control, visitor credentialing and management, activity monitoring, data analysis, command and control, lockdown and emergency response, and reporting: Symmetry’s open platform lets you interface with, manage, and gather data from any device from one customizable dashboard.

Data Tracking and Analysis:

Symmetry’s data-gathering capabilities can also help you enhance and continually refine threat analysis, risk-level management, and actionable insights that help you build an ever-more secure, seamless customer experience.

Seamlessly Unite Teams and Protocols to Better Defend Your Data:

Mitigating risk often requires aligning any number of departments and teams, each of which works with massive amounts of sensitive information (and each of which can have its own set of protocols to protect it). Because Symmetry software is a single application, monitoring and managing operations in any number of departments can be vastly simplified.

Robust and Expandable:

Symmetry offers easy upgrades and accommodates a nearly infinite mix of devices and technologies, even the most sophisticated multifactor-authentication and biometrics devices.

Featured Integrations and Partners

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Discover how Symmetry and other AMAG solutions can elevate your operation, securing peace of mind for all stakeholders. Click here or contact us to explore further, because when it comes to security, we’re the best investment you’ll ever make.

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