AMAG Technology Releases Symmetry Incident Management and Expands Product Line

Proven application automates, investigates, analyzes and documents incidents to track inefficiencies and improve the bottom line


Security officer working at a desk with multiple computer screens. His back is to the camera.


TORRANCE, CA, APRIL 5, 2018 – AMAG Technology, a leader in access control, video management, identity management and visitor management, announces the latest addition to their portfolio: Symmetry Incident Management.  This solution is a robust, global Incident and Case Management system that investigates and analyzes incidents to help organizations operate more efficiently, save money, enforce compliance and mitigate risk.


Symmetry Incident Management is a highly configurable, workflow based solution that empowers security teams to capture information, perform assessments and identify risks, giving companies a clear picture of what is happening on their premises. Organizations can track the time and expenses spent on incidents, monitor resource allocation and use that data to streamline processes and save money. Robust reporting with customized dashboards help companies work smarter and meet compliance requirements.

Symmetry Incident Management saves valuable time and resources by automating incident and case management reporting, By understanding how events unfold, organizations can automate workflows and capture the right information to report, track and resolve every case.



Available as a Software as a Service or as an on-premise solution, Symmetry Incident Management operates on all modern browsers and mobile operating systems including IOS, Windows and Android.


Symmetry Incident Management integrates seamlessly with Symmetry Access Control software. Events in Symmetry Incident Management are communicated to Symmetry Access Control, and alarms in Symmetry generate events in Symmetry Incident Management. The integration creates Be On the Lookout (BOLO) flyers and automatically terminates a user’s access in Symmetry, providing a safer environment.


Symmetry Incident Management also helps manage security personnel with guard tours, daily activity reports and passdown logs. Users can leverage computer aided dispatch to identify the closest available responders, saving time and improving efficiencies. Organizations can also capture site specific information using geospatial analysis, perform assessments and notify teams of risk.


For more information, please visit, call 310-518-2380 or email an AMAG Business Development Manager.

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