Physical Security Information Management

Single Point of Command

Easily monitor and control all security applications and devices through one user interface.


Centralized Global System Management

Unified system integration into a single user interface allows for improved operator efficiency in the handling of alarms and events, while providing faster response times and increased security, which results in reduced operator time per task, greater compliance and lower operational costs.

Centralized Global System Management


Personalized Graphic User Interface

Configure the platform to create working environments adapted to the operator's needs.


Workflow Optimization

Intuitive workflows guide operators to follow standard operating procedures to increase efficiency and compliance.


Alarm Management

Manage alarms and events from access control, video, intrusion, visitor and identity management systems, plus other technologies from a single window.

Streamline Operations

Enhance camera streams with interactive overlays for seamless device control of any other technology and intuitively track suspects by following camera sequences. Use a lasso feature to display multiple cameras, or easily drag and drop camera icons for display on a video wall or monitor independent of the geographical location.


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