The Future of Visitor Management: Symmetry™ GUEST 

A visitor is the least vetted person to enter a facility, which is why organizations must act to prevent security nightmares. The future of visitor management is here: Symmetry GUEST, an innovative solution from AMAG Technology™. Designed to streamline and enhance the visitor experience while bolstering security, Symmetry GUEST helps facilities know exactly who is in their building. 

Current Challenges in Visitor Management 

Many organizations manage visitors using paper logbooks. While this may have been satisfactory 20+ years ago, today’s security challenges have proven ineffective. Modern challenges have amplified the issues which include: 

  • Security Concerns: Ensuring that only authorized individuals gain access to facilities while maintaining a welcoming environment.  
  • Manual Processes: As mentioned, many organizations still rely on paper logs or outdated systems, leading to inefficiencies and security gaps. 
  • Compliance Requirements: Adhering to regulatory requirements for data protection and visitor tracking is increasingly important and often challenging (or non-existent) with traditional systems. 
  • Visitor Experience: A cumbersome check-in process can leave a negative impression, impacting the overall visitor experience and the organization’s reputation. 

How Symmetry GUEST Addresses These Challenges 

Symmetry GUEST is a robust visitor management solution designed to tackle these challenges head-on, easily and efficiently. Here is how it makes a difference: 

  • Enhanced Security: Symmetry GUEST integrates seamlessly with access control systems, ensuring that only pre-authorized visitors can enter specific areas. It allows for real-time tracking and monitoring, providing a higher level of security oversight. 
  • Streamlined Processes: The solution digitizes the entire visitor management process. Visitors receive a welcome email prior to their visit and scan a QR code upon arrival, reducing wait times and the administrative burden at the front desk. 
  • Compliance Made Easy: Symmetry GUEST helps organizations stay compliant by securely storing visitor information and providing detailed audit reports. 
  • Improved Visitor Experience: Self-service kiosks and auto check-ins enhance the visitor experience, making it smoother and more professional.  
  • Reduce Operating Costs: Symmetry™ GUEST automates all processes associated with the lifecycle of a visitor, streamlining the journey through the reception area. 

Request a Demo 

Are you ready to ditch the clipboard and stay ahead of the curve? Experience the future of visitor management with Symmetry GUEST. Contact AMAG Technology today to request a demo and see firsthand how Symmetry GUEST can transform your organization’s visitor management processes. 

Embrace the future with Symmetry GUEST – where security, efficiency, and visitor experience converge. 

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