Nanodems Corporation announces Technology Partnership with Symmetry™ Access Control software

Nanodems Corporation announces a Technology Partnership with AMAG Technology, an Allied Universal Company®, which is the provider of access control systems as well as video, identity management, visitor management, mobile, analytics and audio. With this updated technology partnership, Nanodems Integration Server is now integrated with AMAG’s Symmetry™ Access Control. This integration provides customers the ability to receive alerts from AMAG’s Symmetry products and visualize threats and activities combined with other systems through Nanodems PSIM software.


AMAG Technology brings to the partnership extensive experience in the development of access control and door controllers; including an open-source operating system that ensures complete system security, resilience, and reliability.


“We are excited to provide our customers a cutting-edge integration with Symmetry Access Control and Nanodems Integration Server that maximizes efficiency, effectiveness, and situational awareness while providing a robust framework for managing and responding to security events,” said AMAG Technology, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Kim Rahfaldt.


“This integration provides the peace of mind to our customers. They can correlate access events with other security data, such as video surveillance footage, and respond effectively to incidents, ensuring a swift and coordinated response.” Said Asli Citak, marketing specialist of Nanodems. “Together with AMAG Technology, Nanodems unlocks a realm of limitless possibilities, where seamless integration and comprehensive control converge to redefine the future of security management.”


Nanodems Corporation is a market leader in PSIM software, utilizing actionable intelligence by enabling seamless integrated security management of various security systems for public safety and businesses worldwide. Nanodems makes it possible to manage CCTV systems along with any type of IoT sensors. Artificial Intelligence-powered CCTV Health Check functionality ensures all components of your security cameras and video recording systems are working properly, detecting any downtime.


The integration’s main goal is to give businesses operational management through a comprehensive security platform that combines numerous crucial security assets. This relationship will deliver the effectiveness and situational awareness required for a converged security platform, which is a shared goal of both firms as they work to create more innovative solutions.


By combining the capabilities of AMAG’s Symmetry Access Control system and Nanodems software, organizations can ensure that only authorized individuals gain entry to restricted areas. The PSIM software acts as a centralized hub, receiving real-time data from the access control system, such as user credentials and access logs. This integration enhances the accuracy and reliability of access control, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and potential security breaches.


Process automation capabilities provided by seamless integration will decrease the need for manual operations, and faster response times to critical events will be achieved. Instant video verification of all activities received from Symmetry™ Access Control is possible with Nanodems’ optimizing security control room operations. This will also provide essential information and maximum efficiency of Access Control Systems to allow organizations to make quick and accurate security-critical decisions.


Visit to learn more about AMAG’s Symmetry Partner Program or contact your sale representative for more information about Symmetry Access Control or the Nanodems Integration Server.


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